Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 8AM until 5PM. We close for lunch from 12 NOON until 1PM and are typically away from the phones during that period to respect our staff’s needs. We will schedule your appointment as promptly as possible.


If you think you have an emergency, you probably do! We aren’t being flippant! Please call us! Quickly! We will make every effort to see you ASAP that day. Calling us as early in the day as possible assures more likely prompt resolution. If it is apparent that your treatment needs would best be served in a specialty setting, we will assist in directing you accordingly and as quickly as is possible.


We appreciate how precious your personal time is and schedule our patients in order to minimize waiting and make every effort to remain on time. As we reserve time for our patient’s specific needs, we ask that you return the same courtesy towards us and inform us of any necessary cancellations or changes with a minimum 48 hour notice. This allows us adequate time to provide access to treatment for other eager patients. We recognize that sudden events may occur.

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