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Provide immediate images of teeth and jaw structures. They can be stored on computer files or easily printed as a hard copy. The imaging software that accompanies this technology can be used to enhance the image so that the dentist can actually “see” more. They expose our patients to much less radiation as does conventional x-ray film. They are environmentally friendly, as they require no chemicals which have to be carefully disposed.


About the same size as a dental mirror, intraoral cameras offer the ability to “zoom” in and capture enlarged images of the teeth and mouth, and then display them for easy view on 24” computer monitors. We are then more capable of thoroughly diagnosing less evident dental issues that might otherwise be hard to see. It also makes it much easier for patients to see what has been discovered and to better understand indications for treatment and doctor recommendations.


CEREC technology is a CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/computer assisted manufacture) system that delivers exceptionally accurate, quality porcelain restorations with outstanding efficiency, precision and speed. Here are some of the benefits to all patients:

  • This is a single visit procedure-no second visit is required!
  • No uncomfortable, messy impression is required, instead state of the art blue- ray technology captures an image of the tooth to be restored!
  • No temporary crown is needed as work is completed in one visit –no unplanned visits to recement the temporary or social disasters due to a lost temporary!
  • Natural looking (NO SILVER or METAL!) restorations which are durable, biocompatible, anti-abrasive, plaque resistant and match existing tooth color!
  • Proven technology- 20 years of use, 10 years of clinical research and over 4 million restorations placed worldwide

CEREC is essentially an all in one camera, computer and milling machine. The camera is actually a state of the art blue-ray acquisition unit which captures an image of the damaged tooth. With this image, the CEREC Computer Assisted Design (CAD) function performs the next step and designs a restoration of incredible accuracy and amazingly impressive tolerances. Finally, CEREC’s Computer Assisted Manufacture (CAM) aspect fabricates the restoration out of solid blocks of high strength, natural looking porcelain or ceramic. The restoration is then polished or placed into a porcelain furnace for custom color and characterization, then bonded into the tooth, returning it to near original strength and appearance. That’s it! No impression! No temporary! No second visit!


Small biocompatible particles are used under air pressure to clean debris and decay from small areas- without any noisy drilling and typically without any need for the patient to be anesthetized! Great for small cavities and prior to placing sealants helping them to last much longer and more predictably.



The “digital” shot! An anesthetic delivery unit designed to control both the force and speed of delivery of dental anesthetic.
This results in the ability to provide a shot which is nearly imperceptible! Not all treatment can be performed with this technology, but we use it whenever applicable.


Our dental operatories are equipped with a “point of source sterile water system”. It supplies pure fresh distilled water that does not come from the municipal water supply system. It is another way we assure our patients safety-providing clean pure water for every patient.


Provides us the ability to take a low radiation x-ray of a patient’s entire mouth and jaw without putting the film in your mouth in a single exposure. It is certainly more comfortable and definitely easier than placing all those individual films – no gagging! It also provides diagnostic information which is unobtainable with the small inside the mouth x-rays.


This device enables a clean, comfortable work area to be established for the dental procedure to be performed. It provides isolation with a soft, silicone material, keeping cheek and tongue comfortably out of the way. It illuminates the work zone with an LED light while simultaneously suctioning our water, debris and saliva all without the need for an awkward and uncomfortable rubber dam!

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