Mercury Free Fillings

The silver metal fillings so many of us have had placed actually contain a mixture of metals, and as a result are called amalgams. Most “silver” fillings contain approximately 50% mercury, 35% silver, 15% tin and smaller amounts of copper and zinc among other non-precious metals. Over the course of time the mixture of metals, or amalgam, continuously expands and distorts. The non-precious metals undergo corrosion and like silver anywhere, this semi-precious portion tarnishes, turning BLACK! How safe is it to place mercury containing “silver” fillings into our mouths? Some countries, like Sweden, Canada and Germany have either banned or imposed serious limitations on the use of amalgam. There is still great debate regarding the safety and use of amalgam as a restorative material. Needless to say, common sense dictates the use of one of the many wonderful available safe alternatives. Our office has performed mercury-free dentistry for over 15 years! When a small area of tooth decay is discovered, Instead of mercury containing silver filings that turn black, we can place conservative tooth-colored fillings using the most current generation composite resin materials available today, or in the instance of larger areas of decay, a restoration using CEREC technology can be placed.

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